New album by Supa Mana, “Dub Siren”

New album by Supa Mana, “Dub Siren”
July 17, 2023 Reggae City

Dive into SUPA MANA‘s vapor/dub universe with her new album “DUB SIREN”.

Inspired by the ocean where she grew up, floating, aquatic sounds and seafaring legends take part in the artistic direction of the project. SUPA MANA adds a visual dimension to this new album and give to it a dub stories appaerance, designed by the graphic designer Dizziness.

At the genesis of the project, she conceived the album as a play that tells the tumults of love and family in her life. A highly personal album that also leaves room for the imagination of listeners.

SUPA MANA shapes this story by inviting several singers and MCs to take part in the adventure, each embodying a protagonist in the mini-tales of “DUB SIREN”.

Weigh anchor with BIGA*RANX on “Parapluie Parasole”, the first track on the album. A collaboration dear to the producer’s heart, who has worked alongside this master of vapor/dub in recent years.

Two tracks later, TWAN TEE‘s power comes to the fore on a dub digital production of “Woman”, recalling the energy of the sound systems in which he has always performed. A powerful hymn to women, in the image of TWAN TEE‘s razor-sharp flow.

Then there’s the hot collaboration with the MC YOUTHSTAR. This Londoner heavily influenced by drum’n’bass culture lays down his verses in fast style over a breathless, tumultuous production. It’s also this featuring that’s being promoted for the album’s release, with an animated clip that completes the story of “DUB SIREN”.


With these collaborations, SUPA MANA wishes to offer her listeners a journey through the artistic universe of each, while retaining its personal touch in the composition of the music productions. It’s a diversity that she strives to highlight in all her projects and Dj Sets and she matters that.

This new album “DUB SIREN” is an oceanic voyage, to be discovered on vinyl or digital on July 12, 2023.

Tour-Supa Mana-Dub Siren

Tour-Supa Mana-Dub Siren

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