Dancehall Nice Again! – Slow Motion Riddim

Dancehall Nice Again! – Slow Motion Riddim
July 12, 2023 Reggae City
Slow Motion Riddim

‘Bad like 90s dancehall’ is a phrase often used by current dancehall acts when attempting to explain either their street status or their lyrical prowess. The term is utilized frequently because of its unquestionable accuracy. Dancehall songs from the 90s, all the way up to the early 2000s, were truly intoxicating, or as we say in Jamaica, ‘bad’! (which means really good).

Try as they do, today’s dancehall artists and producers have yet to create the kind of music we were getting in that era. However, all is not lost because some of the creators from that decade is still at it.

Dave Kelly, co-founder of Madhouse Records – the imprint that gave us some of the biggest  dancehall rhythms to date: Pepperseed, Joyride, Showtime, Fiesta, and 85 – is back with a new juggling. Released on Friday, July 7th, Slow Motion Riddim, a steady sweet-sounding four-track compilation, which is being distributed by DubShot Records, has all the ingredients of the preceding EPs. That also includes the dancehall stars featured on the project: Baby Cham, Bounty Killer, Dexta Daps, Busy Signal, TOK, and Blakkman.

Songs on the Slow Motion Riddim were shared to all streaming platforms as individual singles, while also being available, collectively, on the compilation.


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